Refund Policy

We value your satisfaction with our premium subscription service. This Refund Policy outlines our approach to refunds for premium users who have subscribed to our service.

Subscription fees

  • Premium users are billed a monthly fee of $5 USD to access unlimited activity tracking and premium features. Payments are made in advance for each billing cycle.

Cancellation and refund

  • Cancellation: Premium users have the right to cancel their subscription at any time. You can cancel your premium subscription through your account settings.
  • Refunds: When you cancel your premium subscription, you will not be charged for the following billing cycle, which means you can continue to access premium features until the end of the current billing period. However, we do not provide refunds for the current or past billing periods.

Change in subscription

  • If you choose to re-subscribe to our premium service after previously canceling, you will be charged the monthly fee of $5 USD from the date of re-subscription.