Terms of Use

Welcome to Count the Hours! We're excited to have you here, and we want to ensure our terms are clear and easy to understand. Please carefully review these Terms of Use before using our web app. By accessing or using Count the Hours, you agree to be bound by these terms, so let's get started!

Acceptance of Terms

When you use Count the Hours, you're telling us that you accept these terms. If you don't agree, well, we'll be sad to see you go, but please don't use our app.

Personal Data Collection

To use our app, you'll need to authenticate, which means we'll collect some personal data like your name and email. Don't worry, we take your privacy seriously. You can learn more about how we handle your data in our Privacy Policy.

Tracking Activities

Count the Hours is all about helping you track your activities. You can start, pause, and stop timers to monitor your precious hours of deep work, leisure, or anything else you fancy. It's like having a friendly little helper on your productivity journey!

Premium Users

If you decide to go premium, you might need to use third-party payment services to unlock those extra cool features. We promise we won't keep any of your card info because that's just not our style.

Updates and Changes

We're constantly improving Count the Hours to make it better for you. That means we may update these terms from time to time. We'll do our best to notify you of any changes, but it's a good idea to check in once in a while.

Ending the Relationship

We hope you'll stay with us forever, but if you ever want to stop using Count the Hours, you're free to do so. Just know that any data you've shared with us may stick around as outlined in our Privacy Policy.

In the end, Count the Hours is all about helping you make the most of your time while having a little fun along the way. So go ahead, start counting those hours, and let's make every moment count! 🕒✨